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Public Announcement: “Artists in the streets”

Viterbo, from the 24th of June up to the 3rd of July

Caffeina is a great cultural aggregator, an energizer flowing in the streets of the medieval Viterbo, is the festival of the books, music, entertainment and theater – for children and adults. To make even more complete its artistic offer, Caffeina launches the public announcement “Artists in the streets” to find buskers able to make squares and streets alive with their talents.

Rules and conditions for participation:

– All the buskers can “pass the hat’.

– All the buskers must stay in the location assigned from the organization (compulsory).

– In addition to the reimbursement agreement, the organization will ensure the visibility of a video (maximum 45 seconds), provided by the busker, on the Facebook page of Caffeina, counting1,4 million “likes”.

– Details:

  • Electric generators are not allowed
  • Too powerful amplifiers are not allowed (50W max)
  • Complete drum set are not allowed (max allowed: three pieces, with bass drum muted or with acoustic clothing)

– The following kinds of artists are admitted:

  • Artistic street expression: jugglers, clowns, acrobats, contortionists, story-tellers, street actors, living statues, mimes, fakirs, fire eaters, puppeteers, dancers, musicians, street-bands, dream-painters, etc.
  • Street art craft: portraitists, painters, sculptors, makeup artists etc.

On the basis of their acoustic emissions,  artistic activities have been divided into five classes:

  1. Quiet (shows without background music, or not spoken, such as mimes and living statues)
  2. Voice (shows simply spoken or using amplified music with small portable music players)
  3. Low emission (low emission, not amplified, acoustic instruments like acoustic guitars, harps, string instruments, mandolins, flutes, clarinets, and with any musical bases played only by small portable music players)
  4. Average input (acoustic instruments with medium output power, as an individual brass, recorded instruments and vocals with low amplification, unamplified duets, trios, quartets, excluded brass and percussion ensemble)
  5. High input (bands amplified or unamplified over to the four elements, street bands, percussion, musical instruments and bases amplified by amplifiers with external battery).

The positioning of each street artist will, therefore, depend on the type of acoustic emission produced. The fee for the occupation of public land is paid by the organization, for all the duration of the event, from 24 June to 3 July 2016.

To apply, you should submit the Form “buskers Caffeina 2016” duly filled at:, taking care to attach to the email photos and/or videos (or links to videos) of your past performance(s).


A committee of Caffeina Festival will evaluate the proposals submitted and choose those best suited to the event.


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  • Syriaza.

    Syriaza took place in the city of Viterbo from July 18th to August 4th 2015; the project has formed, by adopting methodologies for peace and reconciliation, 32 Syrian citizens: poets, human rights activists, journalists and respected members of the different communities.

    Trainees lived for 18 days in the historic centre of the city, thus experiencing the local people’s actual way of life.

    Syriza is a peace-building initiative, focused on collection, storage and sharing of stories and traces from all over the Syrian conflicts: the project collected stories (broadcasted on radio and television and propagated through artistic productions, local initiatives and social media) that have defied fear and historical and religious manipulation, leading to rediscovering a common human identity.

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